Oh hey look, a Squirrel!

I can’t tell if the racism is a distraction for the sexism is a distraction for the anti-semitism is a distraction for the corruption (1) is a distraction for Paul Ryan’s plan to dismantle the social safety net (privitization of medicare/medicaid/social security) is a distraction for the climate change skepticism is a distraction for the intimidation of the press is a distraction for the intimidation of free speech is a distraction for the pettiness is a distraction for the nepotism is a distraction for the deregulation is a distraction for the regressive tax agenda is a distraction for the anti-immigration stance is a distraction for the discrimination against Muslims is a distraction for the Russian interference is a distraction for the Trump University settlement and other pending cases is a distraction for the lack of a hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland is a distraction for the death of truth (1), self-consistency , and coherent public discourse….

…and I feel like I’ve missed at least 5 other things, which just goes to show you how distracted I am and how effective their ploy was.

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Hello old friend…

I’m back.  For a little while, at least.

I won’t lie.  This election was deeply unsettling and upsetting.  For the first time in a long while, I was reminded that I was _not_ an American, i.e. a caucasian-American, but merely the other.  If not the intruder or the unwanted, then at the very least, the not-worth-giving-a-damn.

I am lucky and thankful that my ethnicity, my location, and my community have spared me from the outbursts of racist vitriol happening across the country.  We have sown with indifference to and normalization of racist, sexist, and xenophobic language and images; and emboldened hate-mongers are the whirlwind that we must now reap.  And in horrific non-irony, it is the GOP that has sown, but it is minorities and women upon whom the whirlwind has descended.  I pray that these hate crimes do not continue, and I do hope and believe that the majority of Trump voters condemn these events as well.  But even if the veneer of respectability were to be restored again, the festering underbelly of racism and sexism in this country has been made plain for all to see, as well as our adamant refusal to actually grapple with it.

To be honest, I don’t know what to do with what I’m feeling and how to channel it.  Or even know what exactly what it is.  So even though it feels a bit self-indulgent, perhaps it is time for me to dust off ye ole blog for now.  To process, to post, and to journey alongside of others.


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