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It’s been a crazy 3 weeks. Egypt uprising, Bahrain and Libya and Iran follow suit, their governments don’t. Budget fights in DC. Union fights in Wisconsin. NCAA #1 seed loses. and again. and again. “Curveball” lied about WMD. Humanity loses Jeopardy. Blizzard stops mid-America and eastern seaboard.  Packers win.  Steelers lose.  World continues to revolve.  Sorry I couldn’t cut it down to only 10 entries.  That’s what 3 weeks does to you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Matt Taibbi is back: Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – (Rolling Stone)
  2. Iraq bioweapons claim a lie “to topple the regime”, ‘Curveball’ Says – (NYT)
  3. Ken Jennings describes what it’s like to play Jeopardy against a machine (Watson) – (Slate)
  4. Full list of Amendments to GOP 2011 Continuing Appropriations Act – (
  5. Federal Budget 2012: Agency by agency analysis – (WaPo)
  6. The U.S. Government: An insurance conglomerate protected by a large, standing army – (Klein)
  7. State of Working America: income growth (and shares) over the years (interactive infographic)
  8. What went wrong with Congress (House of Reps – Rep Jim Cooper, D-Tenn)
  9. Lower Costs and Better Care for Neediest Patients – (New Yorker, Gawande)
  10. Why corporate tax reform will be hard, in one graph – (Klein)
  11. 100 Top Global Thinkers – (Foreign Policy)
  12. A harrowing, historic week in Egypt – (Big Picture)
  13. Egypt’s Revolt: How Democracy Can Work in the Middle East – (TIME, Zakaria)

And one for fun: Colbert gets stuck in a Colbuffington Repost infinite loop.

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